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Obsessed by assessment tools

As NGOs, we are besotted by tools. We treat them like magic bullets, as if suddenly the right tool could solve centuries-old dilemmas of human development.Tools, like all models, are certainly needed ...

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    Cultivating capacity: Returning to first principles

    We can no longer hide behind jargon. Our bluff has been called. We have to place our cards on the table. So what do we find when we take a hard, honest look at our capacity building practice?There is ...

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      Calling our bluff on capacity building

      International NGOs are under threat. Between 2009 and 2011, the proportion of funding through Northern NGOs as compared with direct funding to Southern civil society fell by 60 per cent.[1] Across Eur...

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        In search of stability: Why Ukraine, more than ever, needs a strong civil society

        In Ukraine, the last months, weeks and days have been an amazing display of citizen-driven action reminiscent of the Orange Revolution nearly a decade ago. The events, however, have cast existing inte...

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          Mindfulness for the development sector

          Development and humanitarian work can be highly stressful. Funding is tight, workloads are high, the environment is constantly changing, and living and working conditions can be difficult. Working in ...

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