Advocacy and Policy Influencing - July 2014

DatesMon 14 July 2014 - Fri 18 July 2014
  • INTRAC training
Cost1295.00 - £GBP (*residential)
1045.00 - £GBP (**non-residential)
VenueOxford, UK


*Residential, includes: 4 nights accommodation, all meals for the duration of the course, course fees and materials.

**Non-residential, includes: lunch and refreshments for the duration of the course, course fees and materials.

This course gives participants a thorough understanding of how to influence the policy making process in their own context to achieve policy change. You will learn skills to help you plan and deliver effective advocacy strategies; enhance your ability to lobby decision makers; and gain confidence in the ways in which you relate to different audiences. You will also have a more thorough understanding of power dynamics in an advocacy context.

Objectives of the course

At the end of the course, participants will:

  • Be able to identify different approaches to advocacy and the values and strategies that underlie them
  • Be familiar with the stages of the advocacy planning cycle and be better equipped to build an advocacy strategy
  • Be able to analyse the external environment and policy processes identify appropriate ‘levers of influence’
  • Be aware of power dynamics and the role it plays in achieving advocacy success
  • Have examined how an integrated advocacy campaign can successfully combine lobbying, media work and popular mobilisation
  • Have reviewed appropriate tools and methods for monitoring and evaluating advocacy initiatives.

Intended Audience

This course is particularly relevant to those with some experience in advocacy which they would like to build on.

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