Advanced Monitoring and Evaluation - June 2014

DatesMon 30 June 2014 - Fri 4 July 2014
  • INTRAC training
Cost1295.00 - £GBP (*residential)
1045.00 - £GBP (**non-residential)
VenueOxford, UK


*Residential, includes: 4 nights accommodation, all meals for the duration of the course, course fees and materials

**Non-residential, includes: lunch and refreshments for the duration of the course, course fees and materials

This course builds on participants’ understanding and skills of how to develop sustainable and cost effective monitoring and evaluation processes and practices within their own projects and organisations. It is also relevant for those trying to improve and enhance current M&E processes, or supporting partners to develop and implement effective M&E. The focus is on ensuring M&E contributes towards improving organisational learning and accountability.

Objectives of the course

By the end of the workshop participants will:

  • Have developed a deeper understanding of the characteristics of effective M&E
  • Have reviewed how M&E processes indicate if a project is being implemented as planned, and explored some of the challenges that can arise from these processes
  • Be able to select and use participatory methods effectively, particularly for collecting data on outcomes and impact data
  • Have explored ways to address issues around impact assessment and the monitoring and evaluation of less tangible outcomes and impacts
  • Have considered their own role in bringing about improved M&E within their projects and organisations.

Intended audience

This course is intended for those with some experience of monitoring and evaluation. It has been designed to build on and enhance participant’s skills and understanding of M&E and work through some of the complex challenges in doing M&E with other experienced practitioners.

Core content areas

  • Clarifying different use of M&E terms
  • Issues to consider when designing an evaluation process
  • A structure for identifying issues to be addressed in M&E
  • The components of a good project or programme M&E
  • Indicators and how to identify them
  • Tools to understand the logic of the interventions
  • Case studies that illustrate some of the challenges in conducting evaluations and introducing M&E systems
  • Quantitative and qualitative data collection methods and tools
  • Some newer tools to collect outcomes and impact data
  • An examination of some recent methodologies e.g. contribution analysis, outcome mapping and most significant change
  • Some challenges with logframes (particularly recent donor requirements) and how to overcome them
  • Principles and strategies to support staff teams and partners to improve the evaluation of their projects/programmes
  • Strategies and tools to help participants to act as ‘agents of change’ within their own organisations
  • Time to reflect on the course input and apply to real life case study and think through what needs to happen on return to implement the learning from the workshop.

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