Impact Assessment - July 2014

DatesWed 9 July 2014 - Fri 11 July 2014
  • INTRAC training
Cost745.00 - £GBP (*residential)
595.00 - £GBP (**non-residential)
VenueOxford, UK

*Residential, includes: 2 nights accommodation, all meals for the duration of the course, course fees and materials.

**Non-residential, includes: lunch and refreshments for the duration of the course, course fees and materials


NGOs and CSOs are under growing pressure to assess the impact of their development efforts. They need to be able to justify their spending, learn to become more effective and, not least, to be accountable to their stakeholders.

This course explores some of the different approaches to impact assessment that can be used by NGOs; the value of planning for impact; and how to build impact assessment into existing structures and systems. It also offers an opportunity to experiment with a number of tools and methods, and with how to use findings for organisational learning.

Objectives of the course

At the end of the course, participants will:

  • Have developed a common understanding of what is meant by impact assessment in the NGO context and how it differs from and complements the processes of monitoring and evaluation
  • Have identified and addressed some of the key challenges that organisations face in conducting impact assessments
  • Have considered ways in which a theory of change might support the development of a more coherent organisational approach to understanding change
  • Be able to design an impact assessment process that responds effectively to organisational needs and donor demands
  • Be able to select and use a number of tools for assessing impact
  • Be better equipped to ensure that impact assessments contribute effectively to organisational learning and accountability.

Intended audience

This course has been designed for NGO staff who already have experience of M&E but would like to deepen their skills and knowledge and become more effective in the assessment of impact.

Core content areas

  • Definitions and rationale for assessing impact
  • Differences and complementarities with monitoring and evaluation
  • Some different approaches to assessing impact and their relative strengths and weaknesses
  • Organisational challenges and opportunities
  • Using Theories of Change to plan for impact
  • Designing an impact assessment process for specific projects ( in relation to participants’ needs)
  • Developing baselines, indicators and areas of enquiry for different thematic areas such as advocacy/campaigning and capacity building
  • Using findings for learning, accountability and advocacy

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