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Strengthening civil society since 1991


What INTRAC stands for

Hands piled on top of each otherINTRAC supports civil society organisations around the world, particularly in the global South, through research, training, and consultancy. We help build organisations’ capacity so that they can in turn empower people in their societies who experience poverty and various forms of social exclusion to challenge and change the inequality that affects them.

Civil society takes many forms: small grassroots groups, large international charities, informal people’s movements, faith groups, unions, social enterprises, and more. Regardless of type, civil society organisations can be vehicles for helping disenfranchised people change their realities. They strengthen volunteerism and a spirit of solidarity, give voice to the marginalised, and provide opportunities for people from all walks of life to participate in their societies. They develop collaborative solutions to problems and hold those with power to account.

To play this role in the diverse contexts they work in, civil society organisations need to be effective, sustainable, rooted in their own societies, and seen as legitimate. That way they can also participate in a global, vibrant and interconnected global movement for social justice, human rights, and environmental sustainability.

What we offer

  • Research into a range of issues directly affecting civil society organisations
  • Training courses open to all, tailor-made courses on demand for organisations across the globe, and web-based blended learning programmes
  • Consultancy on a range of areas and issues, particularly for civil society organisations, NGOs, and donors
  • Resources by and for civil society and development practitioners, as well as academics, most free to download. We also provide the editorial team for the internationally-renowned journal Development in Practice.
  • Programmes that bring together multiple aspects of our work and focus on a particular geographic area or theme. Currently, we operate the Central Asia Programme and, as part of a consortium, contribute to the running of the Civil Society Support Programme (Ethiopia).

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Image credit: Construction and development of a nursery school, Ndungu Kebbeh, Gambia. By Nacho Fradejas Garcia via Flickr. Used under Creative Commons licensing.