Brian Pratt

Associate / Editor-in-Chief, Development in Practice

Brian is one of the founding members of INTRAC and until November 2013 led the Organisation as its Executive Director. In January 2014 Brian became an Associate and remains for INTRAC the Editor in Chief of Development in Practice.Brian Pratt

Brian has worked in development since 1973, initially at the University of Cambridge and in Peru on the Political Economy of Peru. Brian was also a Field Director for Oxfam in the Andean Countries (1977-82), before returning to the UK to develop Oxfam programmes and Departments of Research, Evaluation, Development Policy and Information systems (1982-90). During this period he wrote the Oxfam Field Director's Handbook, was the founding editor of the Development in Practice journal and the Development Guidelines series of seven books. Brian has been Editor-in-Chief of Development in Practice since July 2010.

Brian has worked in many countries as a consultant and researcher for NGOs, and multi- and bilateral agencies. The primary focus of Brian's publications and consultancies is on strategic policy issues for NGOs and Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E).

Brian completed his PhD at Cambridge University in 1980, after he graduated from University of Birmingham (B.Sc, Sc.) in 1972.