There were many examples of knowledge, tools and techniques learned during programme activities being used to both improve the organisational functioning of the partners… (and) also being applied in work with self help groups.
Jenny Pearson
, mid-term review of INTRAC’s programme for ACT-D, March 2009

More on our Central Asia work

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Since 2009, INTRAC has developed new programmes in the following fields:

Leadership and NGO management skills for people with disabilities
A two-year programme was developed and implemented with NGO Shyrak, Almaty, focusing on women with disabilities and supporting a network of 15 disabled people’s organisations around Kazakhstan, with support from the European Union (2009-11). In 2012, a similar programme started in Kyrgyzstan with partners NGO Ravenstvo and Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

Strategic planning for NGOs in the biodiversity and cultural fields
A one-year programme (2010) provided training and support for networks of NGOs in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan promoting traditional agricultural methods, craft and cultural forms, supported by Christensen Fund, USA.

Youth leadership, facilitation and training skills
INTRAC is working with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Kyrgyzstan and Y-Peer youth alliance to develop new approaches to youth work, emphasizing collective leadership, work in social movements and conflict prevention (2009-12). A social sector leadership project supported by the Open Society Institute and the British Embassy, Ashgabat, helped to provide a youth training programme in Turkmenistan (2010-11). 

Research skills to increase local government accountability and reduce the risk of conflict
An analytical skills training programme was provided to civil society and local government representatives in Osh and Jalalabad, Kyrgyzstan, with support from the British Embassy, Astana (2011-12). This has been expanded to Tajikistan in the new project “Research in Action: Civil Society Working for Conflict Prevention in Fergana Valley” (funded by the British Embassy for the period 2012-15)

Read more about INTRAC’s Open Training Programme and In-House Training in Central Asia.

INTRAC Central Asia has provided consultancies for:

  • Systematisation of Programmatic Approach, ICCO Kyrgyzstan (2009-11)
  • Amica e.V., Germany, Organisation Assessment and Strategic Planning for local NGO partners Womens Dignity, Chechnya, Russia (2010-11)
  • British Red Cross, Organisation Assessment and Development for National Red Crescent Society, Kyrgyzstan (2009-10)
  • Dynamics Ltd, Evaluation of World Bank Primary Health Care Reform Programme, Tajikistan (2010)
  • Aga Khan Foundation, evaluation of multi-country Civil Society Programme (2011)
  • Mountain Societies Development Support Programme, Kyrgyzstan, management review (2012)
  • UNICEF Uzbekistan, capacity building programme for NGOs working with children and families (started in 2012)