More on our Central Asia work

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Recent highlights of our work in Central Asia

ICAP projects in early 2015

On 10-11 February, ICAP holded the final conference for its 3-year programme “Research in action” civil society working to prevent conflict in Fergana Valley”. This event was held in the city of Osh in South Kyrgyzstan, with partners from neighbouring Jalalabad and Batken, also a delegation from Khojend, Northern Tajikistan.

INTRAC staff and partners, Issykkul, Kyrgyzstan, 2014

The conference featured a presentation of the “Youth and Employment” report produced during the 3rd year of the programme by a team made up of INTRAC and its three NGO partners: Centre Interbilim Osh, Jalalabad Civil Society Support Centre, and EHIO Khojend. At the same time we are organizing a Youth Jobs Fair with the city youth committee and employment service in Osh.  You can now download your free copy of the Youth & Employment report in Russian and English.

Meanwhile INTRAC continues collaboration with International Alert in Tajikistan in a series of workshops to enhance research skills for journalists and policy analysts, focused on support democratic changes in society.

We have begun a study of multi-stakeholder initiatives in Kyrgyzstan with the Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, Netherlands. This will look at some national level examples of cooperation between the civil society, government and private sectors.

We will also be working with previous partners in Kazakhstan, NGO Shyrak, to carry out a 3-country study of legislation and its implementation for people with disabilities in the fields of education and employment.

More widely in the region, staff from the Bishkek office will be involved in an organization assessment for the Step by Step programme in Armenia, for Open Society; and will collaborate in INTRAC’s study of aid policy in Russia and the BRICS countries for Oxfam Russia. 

Analytical skills training programme

A British Embassy-funded project helping civil society organisations use action research to improve governance and prevent conflict in Fergana Valley (Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan). We initiated this programme in Southern Kyrgyzstan in June 2011 with two partner NGOs, the Public Association Centre Interbilim in Osh and the Civil Society Support Center in Jalalabad.

Capacity building for the social sector

With UNICEF, we support a network of 23 youth centres in Kyrgyzstan by helping young people analyse employment opportunities and potential problems in their communities. We have also recently worked with UNICEF Uzbekistan to provide capacity building for NGO partners working with children and families, as well as with networks of disabled people’s organisations in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. 

Democratisation, Human Rights, and Civil Society Development Programme

As part of a consortium in a project funded by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we are helping civil society organisations in Ukraine, Moldova, and Belarus develop organisational assessment and development tools.


We have recently performed a number of major evaluations including for the local government portion of the Aga Khan Foundation's programme and the Tiri Pro-Poor Integrity Programme, both in Kyrgyzstan. We have worked with the International Federation of Biosafety Associations on strategic planning and resource mobilisation, and with GHK Consultants, Brussels, in designing the training component of a new European Union Volunteers for Humanitarian Aid programme (2013-14).


There were many examples of knowledge, tools and techniques learned during programme activities being used to both improve the organisational functioning of the partners… (and) also being applied in work with self help groups.
- Jenny Pearson
, mid-term review of INTRAC’s programme for ACT-D, March 2009