NGO Research Programme

INTRAC's NGO Research Programme ran from the mid-1990s to 2015. The membership programme brought NGOs together to:

  • Learn from and collaborate with each other and wider networks
  • Benefit from space for open discussion through webinars and face-to-face meetings
  • Receive tailored mentoring support to turn experience and learning into accessible publications
  • Enhance research capacity through support on research approaches and methods

NGO Research Forum and Webinar Series

Under the programme, INTRAC hosted an NGO Research Forum once a year in Oxford, UK. The forum provided an excellent opportunity for members to meet other practitioners and academics, share their experiences, and hear about the latest research on civil society and international development.

A series of webinar on member-determined research themes was also held. More information and outputs from these events.

How were the funds used?

Members paid an annual contribution to the NGO Research Programme basket fund. Through this basket fund INTRAC has been able to:

  • Identify emerging issues and provide accessible and grounded insights useful to practitioners, policy makers and academics
  • Provide support to practitioners to turn their experiences into accessible publications
  • Bridge the gap between research and practice, ensuring that our wide range of practitioner-oriented publications is openly available
  • Bring organisations together through organising events, webinars and convening panels at conferences on topics of importance to civil society
  • Contribute to crucial debates affecting civil society
  • Develop larger research programmes on NGOs and civil society in partnership with research institutions, ensuring that research is relevant to practitioners
  • Keep the research section of our website up to date with useful information and resources

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