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ONTRAC is our regular newsletter, funded by the NGO Research Programme.

Each issue looks at a different theme of interest to development practitioners, civil society actors and academics. Articles put forward perspectives and experiences from practitioners across the world.

It is published three times a year in English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Arabic. Printed copies are circulated to over 2,500 organisations and individuals around the world.

Latest issue - ONTRAC 56: Funding civil society in emerging economies

This issue of ONTRAC looks at funding for civil society in emerging economies. It presents perspectives on the new funding environment, and the challenges and opportunities this poses for civil society. Following an overview from Brian Pratt, our contributors offer different takes and experiences on the topic.

First, Supriya Roychouhury from Oxfam India and Emma Mawdsley from the University of Cambridge look at how large NGOs in India are responding strategically to funding challenges. Then Suzy Serneels describes Broederlijk Delen’s efforts to assist partners during the transition process in South Africa, through various forms of support to local groups.

Ana Toni and Alice Amorim, from GIP – Public Interest Management Research and Consultancy, discuss the challenges and obstacles to funding civil society in Brazil. Finally, Nomvula Dlamini from the Community Development Resource Association (CDRA) describes some issues confronting South African organisations adjusting to procuring resources from domestic instead of foreign donors.