INTRAC delivers effective and useful consultancy because they take the time to listen to what their clients need. In a very short workshop, we focussed entirely on information that was useful to us. We were challenged, supported and guided to come away with some really useful learning.
Charlie Dalrymple, RedR UK

Tailor-made training

This page is also available in Spanish, French, Portuguese and Russian

In-house training courseIn addition to training open to people from a variety of groups, INTRAC designs and carries out training courses tailored to meet the needs of specific organisations. These courses can be tailored to the time you have available – one day, one week – or they can be run as modular courses over a longer period of time. We can also build in follow-up programmes. Many of our courses can be delivered in Arabic, Spanish or French. 

Benefits include:

  • Tailored course design focusing on your organisation's objectives and programmes
  • Flexibility in when and where the course is run 
  • Savings on delegate travel, time and accommodation 
  • Training advice from our experienced team of consultants who have in-depth knowledge of the subjects we cover
  • Facilitated discussion and exchange of ideas relevant to your specific issues.

Tailor-made training can cover the subject matter of any of the courses in the open training programme. We can also offer a whole range of training on a number of topics within our thematic framework. Examples of these are workshops on creative facilitation skills, logical frameworks, financial management and on managing change.  

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How do you monitor and evaluate advocacy?

Advocacy is becoming an increasingly important part of what what civil society organisations do, including in the South. However, it's tough to measure the impact of an advocacy campaign. Fortunately, INTRAC has experts in doing just that and was able to work with a group of faith-based organisations to produce a tailor-made training programme that would meet their needs.

In 2013, Christian Aid, Church of Sweden and Norwegian Church Aid asked INTRAC to help them build the capacity of Southern African partners in reporting on the impact of advocacy initiatives to donors and stakeholders. These organisations had identified a need to support staff in designing advocacy monitoring and evaluation systems that were realistic and did not add to heavy workloads.

INTRAC worked with this collective to develop a highly participatory training programme that focused on the ways impact assessment can be built into advocacy planning, as well as the tools and approaches to capture and analyse data. Staff applied the learning to their own strategies and developed action plans for incorporating the learning from the course into their advocacy work. An integral part of the course is the subsequent on-to-one coaching that will take place in 2014 to work through the challenges that staff face as they put their learning into practice.

As well as offering this as a tailor-made course, INTRAC is now offering Advocacy Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation as an open training course.

Here's what two participants had to say about their tailor-made training experience:

“This is the most energised, precise, effective, wonderful and best training style I’ve seen in a long time. Highly participatory and yet so informative. Also very practical.” Dorcas Gandidzanwa, Lutheran Development Service

"Very good, knowledgeable, professional, relevant discussions. Very well prepared." Sofia Svarfvar, Church of Sweden