Technical assistance

The programme offered a range of tailor-made technical support to CSOs across Cyprus - from organisational development to monitoring and evaluation systems development, strategic planning and project proposals and implementation. CSOs applied for technical support for varied reasons, including:

  • addressing problems of sustainability
  • wanting to be a key player in Cypriot civil society
  • to receive tailor-made training on a particular topic
  • to improve their members' knowledge on projects, fundraising, public relations and communication
  • to increase membership
  • to develop and implement innovative strategies.

Elena Agathocleous (Director, MITOS) describes her experience

"We applied for technical support in three areas: law and accounting advice, how to get financial support and in creating relations with other CSOs. The experience was a pleasant surprise…We were able to get a clear picture of our organisation which helped to make our aims clearer and we were able to know which direction to take to continue to develop. We feel very lucky to have had this professional help…MITOS will continue to work with the Civil Society Strengthening team as well as participate in the upcoming training courses."

Consultancy skills development

The consortium also supported the development of Cypriot civil society consultants, to equip them with the skills to provide technical assistance to the sector. We provided skills workshops and on-the-job training to over 40 local consultants.