It was a great relief to read that we would probably be able to give a pretty good assessment of the progress and impact of the work we are doing. It all sounds a lot less daunting now.
Feedback from a reader on Monitoring and Evaluating Learning Networks


Experts in HIV Content and OD Process: Facilitating workplace policy response to HIV/AIDS (Praxis Note 42)

Helping NGOs respond to HIV in the workplace is not easy. It places high demands on the facilitators. They need to know about national and international labour laws, the costs and benefits of critical choices in HIV policy - to be an expert on HIV policy content issues. But they also have to be experts on organisational change processes. This is rare and demanding skill set.

This note outlines the experiences of SafAIDS in helping more than 70 organisations across southern Africa develop a policy response to HIV/AIDS.
AuthorINTRAC/Ngoni Chibukire, SAfAIDS
SeriesPraxis Notes
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