It was a great relief to read that we would probably be able to give a pretty good assessment of the progress and impact of the work we are doing. It all sounds a lot less daunting now.
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Briefing Paper 16: National Security and International Development: Implications for Northern Civil Society

 This paper is one of a series on the current findings from INTRAC's work on NGOs, development and counter terror measures. It sets out Northern concerns and ongoing initiatives and examines the evidence of securitisation of development and its implications for civil society and North-South partnerships.  

This paper begins with a discussion of the term ‘security' in development - how the  concept's meaning has shifted away from ‘human security' towards ‘national security' and a military focus. This leads into a section on how national security is linked to CSOs in the current foreign policy discourse, before examining some of the detail on civil society-related CTM legislation and policy initiatives in the US, UK and EU and outlining some of the wider ramifications of the shift to ‘development for security'. 

AuthorLinda Lonnqvist
SeriesPolicy Briefing Papers
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