It was a great relief to read that we would probably be able to give a pretty good assessment of the progress and impact of the work we are doing. It all sounds a lot less daunting now.
Feedback from a reader on Monitoring and Evaluating Learning Networks


Tracking Progress in Advocacy: Why and How to Monitor and Evaluate Advocacy Projects and Programmes

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This paper introduces the scope of, and rational for, engaging in advocacy work as part of development interventions. It then focuses on the issue of monitoring and evaluating these efforts – offering reasons why and when these processes should be planned and implemented, what’s involved, and who should be engaged in the process. It concludes by looking at some of the particular challenges and opportunities that the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of advocacy work presents. It also offers some helpful considerations to those who are designing or implementing these processes.
AuthorMaureen O'Flynn
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  1. Very useful summary of approaches to monitoring and evaluating Advocacy Projects - including lots of helpful tables and diagrams! Direct and positive in approach.
    dms - 25/03/2010 @ 16:44
  2. Inspiring paper! thanks
    Neruda - 20/05/2010 @ 09:19
  3. Its very good contribuition that will provide an excellent resource on the subject.
    Zaheer,Muhammad - 08/07/2010 @ 01:05
  4. Your publications are wonderful. it brings another facet of knowledge to bear.
    uket bassey - 22/08/2010 @ 01:29

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