INTRAC’s free resource for monitoring and evaluation practitioners, the M&E Universe, is set to add a new section this month, on the topic of M&E systems.

Dan James and Nigel Simister will present the M&E systems content in a special webinar on September 19th at 13:00 BST (GMT +1). The webinar is now open for registrations.

What are M&E systems?

M&E systems enable projects, programmes or organisations to define, select, collect, analyse and use information for a variety of purposes. They can range from small, largely informal systems operated by community-based organisations through to huge, formalised systems operated by organisations working across multiple regions and sectors.

The M&E systems section expands the wealth of papers available as part of the M&E Universe

What’s in the new section?

The new set of papers in the M&E systems section is split into two. The first five ‘introductory’ papers cover many of the elements found in a typical project-level M&E system and provide links to other related subjects covered in the M&E Universe, such as setting objectives, developing indicators, designing baselines, and tools for data collection and analysis. Three new papers deal with subject areas that are essential to support a good M&E system – Data and knowledge management, the Supporting environment, and Resources for M&E.

The second six papers are designed to be read sequentially, and deal with some of the most advanced subjects in INTRAC’s M&E Universe. A paper on Complex M&E systems describes how M&E systems designed to support organisations and complex programmes differ from project M&E systems. Further papers address the core elements of complex M&E systems – How complex M&E systems work – and describe how they can be used to perform the three key functions of accountability, learning and programme management.

Two other advanced papers deal with the aggregation and summarisation of information across large portfolios of work, and a methodology for using M&E information to influence strategic decision-making across entire organisations or complex programmes. The final paper in the series provides some advice on how to develop and implement a complex M&E system.

Who are the papers for?

These papers are designed for anyone in a CSO/ NGO, large or small, who is responsible for managing, developing and/ or adapting and improving M&E systems for their projects, programmes or organisations.

What’s next?

The M&E systems section will launch during the week of September 16th 2019, at which point all of the new papers will become available. For a rich introduction to the new material, be sure to register for the webinar on September 19th. Further new sections are forthcoming, including M&E debates (January 2020) and M&E of approaches (September 2020).