INTRAC is delighted to announce that we have a few spaces on a free partner capacity strengthening (PCS) training course starting in late September. This course is offered as part of the Strengthening Small Organisations with Big Ambitions programme funded through an SCCF Capacity Building Grant of the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO). This programme aims to support small UK charities working internationally, improving their resilience and make them better able to provide effective support to their partner organisations and communities overseas.

Following consultations with a core group of small charities, partner capacity strengthening was identified as one of the main areas of interest, and a course programme was developed to fit their learning needs. The course will be delivered over nine weeks between late September and late November, with nine interactive live sessions on Zoom and about one hour of mandatory coursework per week.

We are now opening up enrolment to candidates working (including in a volunteer capacity) for small UK-based charities. To be eligible for the course, applicants must represent an organisation which:

  • Is registered as a charity in the UK
  • Is working towards at least one of the Global Goals
  • Is working in at least one eligible country (see picture / table below)
  • Have an average annual income over the past three years lower than £400,000 (and ideally below £250,000)

In addition, we expect that you share our commitment to developing the civil society sector through partners in the countries in which you operate, along with an openness to learning from our trainers as well as your peers.