As part of its succession planning, INTRAC wishes to recruit new Trustees to join its Board.  We are seeking individuals with a strong empathy toward our mission – strengthening the effectiveness of civil society globally to challenge poverty and inequality – as well as the skills and interest in helping INTRAC to adapt and respond effectively to emerging sector challenges.

Our Trustees bring strategic vision, personal integrity and sound judgement, as well as the ability to credibly represent INTRAC externally, to staff and our associates, to further our work and organisational development. Trustees are supported to understand their duties and liabilities attached to their role, and are encouraged to work effectively as a team while retaining independence of judgment as speaking their mind when necessary.

INTRAC aims to maintain on its Board a complementary mix of skills, experience and networks. As well as Trustees with backgrounds in international civil society, inclusive development and social transformation, INTRAC’s Board includes members who have specific skills and experience in the organisational governance of human resources, finances, research, and programme delivery in complex environments abroad. At the present time we are particularly interested in hearing from individuals who are able to offer ideas and support INTRAC to innovate in the following areas: corporate financing and business model development; strategic marketing and communications and commercial consultancy operations.

We welcome expressions of interest from UK-based applicants from all backgrounds in society. Details of the Trustee role and appointment process are contained in the Appointment of Trustees information pack.

If you would welcome a conversation to assist in considering this opportunity then please email Carolyn Miller, Chair of the INTRAC Board at to arrange this.

To apply, please send a CV and a covering letter by email to Sue Weaver, Board Trustee and Chair of the Nominations Committee at explaining how you would be able to contribute. Please include your contact details.