Bill SterlandBill believes ardently in the power of collective action, participation, and broad-based social dialogue to bring about positive social change and more peaceful societies. Working primarily with civil society organisations, local, national, and international, he applied his expertise in process facilitation, strategic thinking, planning, and evaluation, to support organisations to strengthen themselves internally, adapt to changes in the external environment, and become more effective, with the overall aim of promoting inclusive and sustainable approaches to local economic and social development.

He has significant experience of working in post-conflict and transitional countries characterised by state fragility and ethnic, cultural, and religious diversity. For over 10 years he was based in the Western Balkans and worked across the region with a wide range of local, national, and international NGOs, as well as donors and UN agencies on developing approaches to social reconstruction, the strengthening of civil society, and conflict resolution. In particular, he has worked on community development and with youth, Roma, and post-conflict returnees.

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