This consultancy supported the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ ‘Programme for democratisation, human rights and civil society development in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus (2012-2016)’. The overall objective was to develop and validate comprehensive methodologies and approaches for organisational capacity assessment and capacity development of selected CSOs in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. The consultancy provided support at local, regional, oblast and national level in the three countries, to CSOs and networks focusing on advocacy, dialogue, small scale projects, strengthening partners’ membership and constituency, as well as their democratic and accountable financial foundation.

The consultancy contributed to the exposure of civil society organisations to international experiences and standards of capacity development of CSOs. It provided training for selected CSOs (9 CSO hubs in Ukraine and selected CSO participants from Moldova and Belarus). Ukrainian CSOs were enabled to provide assistance to other regional/oblasts based CSOs in Ukraine. This supported CSOs to increase their organisational capacity for carrying out their own mandates and strategies, as well as assisting them in their role as re-granting hubs for disbursing grants to local CSOs through call of proposals. The assignment also contributed to the future capacity assessment/capacity development of CSOs in Ukraine carried out by the UNDP (implementing programme partner) in the country.

Deliverables included a Methodological Working Paper and methodology workshop, a Capacity Assessment and Organisational Development Guide (based on the developed and tested methodology), organisational capacity assessment reports and action plans; and two training workshops (in Kiev and Chisinau) for CSOs (Organisational Assessment and Change Process).

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