INTRAC was commissioned by MS/Action Aid Denmark in early 2012 to conduct an evaluation of its 2008-12 Country Programme Strategy in Central America, with a focus on support in Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador. The evaluation assessed the relevance and effectiveness of the strategy and programmes, as well as ensuring that lessons learned from the programme were collected and analysed. The evaluation provided documentation for Danida, which was a donor to the programme, and offered strategic learning points and recommendations as to how the programme might continue to evolve under ActionAid Nicaragua.

The evaluation team, consisting of an international consultant and three national consultants, used a participatory methodology with an emphasis on collecting lessons learned, gathering good practices, and documenting illustrative cases. Field visits were undertaken in Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador by the international consultant and national consultant together. The field visits included meetings and interviews with partner organisations, local community organisations, and mayors. In addition, all partners were invited to an evaluation workshop in each country. In total five workshops were held in the region. The national consultants also interviewed the leadership of partner organisations and key respondents in the national context.

The evaluation team delivered its findings and recommendations in three country evaluation reports (in Spanish), as well as a consolidated synthesis report (in English).