INTRAC has provided capacity-building support for the development and operationalisation of a monitoring, evaluation and learning framework for WWF-Kenya’s Coastal Kenya Programme (CKP). The CKP is a 5 year programme designed around the conservation goal of ensuring that “By 2020, the ecological integrity of priority areas and natural resources in Coastal Kenya is secured for nature, people and the economy” (WWF-Kenya Coastal Kenya Programme Conservation Action Plan 2015).

In June and July 2016 a team of 2 INTRAC consultants worked with the CKP team to:

  • Finalise the CKP monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) framework;
  • Identify gaps in baseline data for the programme, and plan with the team how to address these;
  • Identify and support the development of appropriate data collection (and analysis) tools and processes;
  • Propose a mechanism for lesson learning and adaptive management during programme implementation.

Inputs by the INTRAC consultants included the development and delivery of a participatory 2-day workshop designed to enhance accountability and promote ownership of the MEL framework by the CKP team, as well as to prepare for operationalising the framework.