Global institutions and international policies recognise the vital role that civil society has to play in development. Yet in practice, policies and programmes often do not foster a strong and independent civil society.

In national, regional and international spheres we work with policy makers, government regulators, donors, international NGOs, and private funders to develop effective policies and programmes related to civil society.

We focus on:

  • Working with bilateral and multilateral donors to develop and review their support to civil society.
  • Supporting the design of civil society development programmes at the national level.
  • Monitoring aid and development trends and assessing their implications for civil society globally and locally.
  • Contributing to development debates internationally that affect civil society.
  • Advocating for changes to civil society policy and practice.

At the present time we are seeing many changes in the external context affecting civil society. For example, across the OECD-DAC countries, donors are developing new civil society policies and programmes. Many are changing how they fund international NGOs, while also seeking new ways to fund a wider range of actors. Some are looking to provide more funding directly to civil society organisations located in the global south.

Traditional NGOs involved in development are also adjusting to the expansion of alternative public and private actors in development. This creates new opportunities for collaboration and innovation, but challenges traditional civil society organisations to reflect on their relevance and added value. Some are completely rethinking their structures and missions.

INTRAC is committed to helping civil society organisations navigate the changing context, exerting our influence in constructive ways over the institutions and actors that shape policy and practice.

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