Beginning in December 2022, INTRAC embarked on a new communications theme focused on modelling progressive funding. In the civil society sector, progressive funding is becoming an increasingly prominent topic. But what does it mean to fund civil society programmes and organisations in a “progressive” way? What are the challenges that face funders working to pursue progressive models of civil society support? And what models would we like new funders, including those based in the global South, to emulate and build upon?

An ongoing series of blogs is examining these questions from a number of different perspectives:

While not strictly part of the blog series, a related blog is “experience and advice from a newly independent NGO in Mozambique”. The result of a conversation between Paul Knipe and Luize Guimaraes from Mozambique-based NGO MUVA, this blog is an entry in INTRAC’s ongoing civil society perspectives series.

On 18 January, 2023, INTRAC hosted an online event also titled “modelling progressive funding”. The event brought together four experienced speakers to share their perspectives on what progressive funding is, and how it can best be achieved. The event attracted over 170 participants from around the world. A full video recording is available below.

Additionally, an extensive written event summary is available as a downloadable PDFand there is a playlist of short video highlights available on our YouTube channel. During the event, four speakers gave brief talks on different aspects of modelling progresssive funding:

  • Esther Meester (Wilde Ganzen Foundation) on the Foundation’s changing approach to funding [Video]
  • Luize Guimaraes (MUVA) on “from the princess to the pauper”; being seen differently as a Southern CSO [Video]
  • Sarah Rose (USAID) on USAID’s localisation journey [Video]
  • Janet Mawiyoo (Galvanize Africa Consult Ltd.) on common pitfalls facing funders [Video]

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