The strength of civil society and the civil society support sector varies across Sub-Saharan Africa, with civil society continuing to receive significant external funding in many countries. INTRAC offers a range of services, but much of our work focuses on influencing external funders to develop more effective ways of supporting the long-term sustainability and resilience of civil society. We also emphasise the development of a stronger local capacity development sector. Our goal is to strengthen local capacity so that INTRAC can gradually reduce its role.

We have experience and/or are currently engaged in donor civil society funds in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Rwanda, and South Sudan.

We focus on:

  • Advice on the design and development of capacity development programmes, including: strategies for reaching a range of civil society groups; political economy analysis; design of M&E systems and methods and approaches for impact assessment; and new approaches to supporting capacity development and programme design.
  • Developing the skills of civil society actors to carry out evidence-informed programming and advocacy, including use of theories of change and action research.
  • Online and face-to-face training and mentoring for civil society in our key themes of monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment, organisational and capacity development, and programme design.
  • Delivering high-quality scoping studies and contextual analysis.
  • Conducting evaluations and impact assessments.
  • Development of programmes of training and mentoring of consultants and trainers to improve high-quality capacity development support in the region.
  • Collaborating with research institutions, capacity building organisations, development funders, and civil society networks to promote joint learning and collaborative research on key issues such as governance, CSO forms and functions, aid and sustainability.
  • Promoting publication and dissemination of learning by practitioners from the region.

In the future, we aim to build ever stronger relationships with regionally-based civil society institutes, networks and capacity building providers like CDRA and WACSI to offer our expertise where we can add significant value.

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