Since its inception, INTRAC has been a pioneer of approaches and tools for organisational development and capacity building. Our methods and learning are shared in a popular series of books and articles.

Our approach goes beyond organisational systems to issues that may have as much or more impact on the legitimacy and strength of CSOs, such as: leadership, integrity, relationships with their own constituencies, and resilience in the face of political pressure or funding fluctuations.

We focus on:

  • Advice to funders on the design of capacity development programmes.
  • Support to the design and accompaniment of organisational change processes.
  • Strategic planning and high level strategic reviews.
  • Design and use of organisational assessment tools and processes.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of capacity development support.
  • Development and review of partnership policies.
  • Development of national level capacity building providers.

INTRAC has been working to develop new approaches to capacity development through its participation in civil society support programmes in Ethiopia, Sudan and Rwanda. We are currently developing models for integrating support to organisational development and sustainability. We are also exploring emerging thinking on what organisations of the future will look like and the implications for CSOs and CSO support.

A key part of our new strategy is looking at how we can support and develop in-country access to good quality capacity building support.  One aspect of this is the development and support of national level capacity building providers.

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