Civil society organisations in many countries of Eastern and Central Europe are facing challenges to their sustainability and legitimacy as they continue to give voice to marginalised groups and to tackle conflict and persistent poverty.

INTRAC focuses its work on specific areas that are less well covered or where it feels it can add value. These include: helping organisations to achieve greater viability and resilience; developing examples of building more effective engagement between the state and civil society, in particular at local government level; and working in areas of conflict or heightened tension.

We focus on:

  • Enhancing the sustainability of CSOs and networks throughout the region through organisational development and resource mobilisation support.
  • Strengthening the resilience of CSOs in politically charged contexts such as Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova.
  • Advice and design of capacity development programmes for civil society.
  • Online and face-to-face training and mentoring for civil society in our core areas of monitoring, evaluation, and impact assessment, organisational and capacity development, and programme design.
  • Conducting evaluations and impact assessments.
  • Promoting multi-stakeholder engagements and partnerships.
  • Supporting organisations to find new ways to enhance their sustainability.
  • Development of programmes of training and mentoring of consultants and trainers to improve high-quality capacity development support in the region.
  • Sharing knowledge between different actors within countries and across the region.
  • Providing opportunities for civil society actors and local government officials who work with civil society in these regions to participate in training and learning spaces.
  • Promoting publication and dissemination of learning by practitioners from the region.

Our current activities build on learning from a track record that includes building the capacity of organisations working with Roma, and civil society strengthening activities in conflict-affected areas, such as Cyprus.

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