Over the past several years INTRAC has supported many organisations to develop Theories of Change – but so far, we have never published one ourselves. Until now! Our new Theory of Change is a work in progress – a starting point for us to be more explicit about our role and contribution towards strengthening civil society through our training, consultancy and influencing work.

We will use our Theory of Change to reflect with our staff and wider network on whether and how we are making a difference in shifting the power towards more impactful and resilient civil society organisations (CSOs), stronger national capacity support networks and a stronger voice for national CSOs in shaping development policy and practice in the global south. We will use it to hold ourselves to account for the kind of impact we want to make, ensuring we put our values into practice in all of our work. We will regularly review our Theory of Change to inform our strategy and plans, and to engage in a dialogue with our stakeholders about how INTRAC effects change in the world.