Our ambition is for INTRAC to be increasingly network-led, with a broader range of consultants and perspectives from around the world, rooted in different regions and connected globally. The network will provide vivid and dynamic spaces for engaging and connecting, drive our thinking and practice, shape agendas and give content to learning and influencing. At the heart of this is our offer to network members.  

Thank you to the many consultants and partners who have fed into the design of our offer. We reaffirmed our network aspirations and the ethical and value-added aspects that were most important. We are at the start of our journey to build our network. The amount of events and activities will evolve over time. The following indicates aspects of the offer and your role within it. 

Our offer to network consultants

Delivering ethical and values driven consultancy 

  • Access and share work opportunities that align with our ethical and values-driven approach and aspirations. 
  • Join up with likeminded consultants and build new/strengthen existing relationships   
  • Benefit from a 2% ‘find and win’ fee  

Continuing professional development 

  • Access consultants for change-inspired training and mentoring to build your career, or support other network members to do so
  • Receive a 10% discount on INTRAC open training opportunities and benefit from a range of bursaries  

Sharing learning, engaging and networking 

  • Access learning events, peer-support and exchange, webinars, communities of practice on technical and thematic aspects of consultancy, and on the practice of shifting power through ethical consultancy and our core areas of work (MEL, OD)  
  • Take part in practitioner research/ learning processes of how to support civil society in different contexts, with a view to deepening understanding and strengthening practice  

Evidencing and influencing 

  • Join likeminded consultants to help bring about change and shift policy and practice at global and regional levels  
  • Share insights, perspectives, trends through joint resources, research, platforms and events on technical and thematic topics, such as alternative, authentic approaches to MEL and OD that shift power  

Your role within the network

We anticipate a range of levels of engagement by members, which would likely ebb and flow over time. We have a ‘critical mass’ of support and input to enable the network to function and fulfil our offer. This is supported by a core staff team from INTRAC. Activities may include:  

  • Learning and influencing activity: input into content, design and attendance at events, communities of practice, occasional requests for peer support/advice   
  • Other pro bono activity: blogs, learning resources, if not project funded  
  • Governance   
  • Business development: input into proposals, identifying consultants for the network and work opportunities 

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