INTRAC training is designed for – and by – civil society and international development practitioners, with the aim of improving the capacities of these sectors. We have different training solutions suitable for individual practitioners and whole teams.

Our current main training areas are: Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning, Advocacy, Partner Capacity Strengthening, and Advanced Monitoring and Evaluation Systems. If the course you’d like to attend is not listed, get in touch.

Training Access Scholarship
Do you work for a small civil society organisation in the Global South? Apply for our Training Access Scholarship to attend for a nominal fee any of our high- quality online training courses. INTRAC is committed to supporting civil society organisations by offering free places to eligible individuals. Read more about our Training Access Scholarship scheme.

Training courses: face-to-face and online

Our face-to-face and online courses are open to practitioners around the world, with attendees from a range of countries, organisations and backgrounds. Please note that all of our courses in 2023-24 will take place online.

Face-to-face courses in the UK

Three- and five- day courses designed to build on each individual’s skills and knowledge and foster networking. The residential offer (only available in Oxford) includes accommodation and meals at the course venue. Post-course coaching is also possible for an extra fee.

Please note that all of our courses in 2023-24 will take place online.

Online courses

Not just webinars! Our online courses combine interactive live sessions with your fellow classmates, and activities on INTRAC’s Moodle training platform.

Fees include an individual coaching session with the trainer to better link training with your needs.

In-house training and tailor-made support

All of INTRAC training courses can be delivered right to your workplace – perfect for a group of colleagues with similar training needs. We can also design a specific training programme tailored to your organisation’s needs, or provide tailor-made coaching to individuals facing a specific challenge.

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