We believe that effective Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is crucial for civil society organisations to be credible entities that are both accountable to the citizens that they represent and serve, and to their funders and supporters. We know from experience that at its best, M&E can contribute to learning and the improvement of work to bring about social change.

INTRAC promotes and supports approaches to M&E – including planning, monitoring, evaluation, impact assessment and learning – that are ‘fit for purpose’ and that help civil society organisations and actors to manage and use their resources as effectively as possible in order to maximise the positive impact of their work and keep on improving what they do.

Our M&E training and consultancy work is grounded in 25 years of practical experience in developing and managing M&E systems, processes, methods and tools.

We focus on:

  • Supporting organisations to develop practical, efficient M&E systems, approaches and tools, that are owned by and useful to the people implementing them.
  • Building skills and confidence of practitioners to use, adapt and improve M&E themselves, without having to rely on external experts (including us).
  • Building our own experience in a wide range of specialist areas including M&E of advocacy, M&E of training, M&E of capacity development, participatory M&E, M&E of research, Portfolio-level M&E and many others; we share this knowledge and practice as widely as possible.

M&E has been a core theme for INTRAC since we were founded. Based on our own first-hand experience and peer-learning across our global network, we have published numerous books and resources on all aspects of M&E, convened M&E conferences and webinars, and we continue to contribute to M&E thinking and debates.

We specialise in M&E with and for civil society and civil society organisations that challenge poverty and inequality across the world. We work with large international NGOs through to national NGOs, smaller community-based organisations and individuals working for social change – whether this involves short-term service delivery projects or complex global development portfolios, direct delivery or implementation with and through partners.

We are a member of the UK Evaluation Society http://www.evaluation.org.uk/

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