What does it take for INGO staff and partner staff to learn together as equals?  And how can you deliberately design for complexity and dynamic environments?

In the latest entry in INTRAC’s long-running Praxis Series of papers, authors Lucy Morris and Jitske Hoogenboom explore shifting power through shared learning. The paper describes an innovative joint learning pilot programme for staff and partners of PAX, the Dutch peacebuilding NGO. This programme was undertaken at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in some of the world’s most challenging civil society contexts including Syria, South Sudan, and Palestine.

Praxis Series Paper No. 14, titled “The Power of Connection: A PAX joint learning pilot with partners” contains insights which the authors hope will be helpful to international NGOs and foundations. The paper will be of particular interest to those aspiring to increase their investment in mutual capacity sharing, as opposed to one-off or one-way training courses for partners.


Praxis Paper 14_PAX JLP

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