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Civil Society Innovation Fund, Ethiopia – from inception to implementation

Paul Knipe gives an update on  the Civil Society Innovation Fund as it moves fully into implementation.

An approach to learning within progressive funding practice

Alison McKinley from Comic Relief discusses progressive funding and collective learning.

Choose your learning format: a quick guide

Explore a bite-size guide to choosing the right learning method to match your goals.

Exploring impact and influence

Paul Knipe introduces INTRAC’s journey to define our approach to impact and influence.

Praxis Series Paper No. 14 explores shifting power through shared learning

Introducing the latest entry in INTRAC’s long-running Praxis Series of papers.

Praxis Series Paper No. 14 – The Power of Connection: A PAX joint learning pilot with partners

The 14th entry in our Praxis Series of papers looks at a joint learning programme undertaken by Dutch NGO PAX.

Supporting learning within the AMiRA programme

Find out more about INTRAC’s learning support to the AMiRA programme (2018 to 2021).

What I have learned about learning during COVID-19

In a selection from our May 2021 newsletter, Anne Garbutt shares her experiences of online learning during COVID-19.

Bidding farewell to INTRAC – and still very proud

Rachel Hayman shares her reflections on leaving INTRAC after ten years.

Closing the learning loop on an action learning programme

Jitske Hoogenboom introduces Praxis Series Paper No. 10, written with Bruce Britton

Praxis Series Paper No. 10: Innovations in Action Learning

Download your free copy of our Praxis Series Paper No. 10, by Jitske Hoogenboom and Bruce Britton

Mid Term Evaluation of Change the Game Academy Programme 2016-2018

Between October 2018 and January 2019, the Wilde Ganzen Foundation commissioned to undertake a Mid-term Evaluation (MTE) of the Change […]