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Newly Updated Resource Database – Now Includes The Entire Catalogue Of Publications!

INTRAC has been producing publications and resources since 1994. With a focus on civil society development, concerning all areas of […]

Supporting organisational assessment for CBM Nigeria’s Country Office

From December 2017 to March 2018 INTRAC consultants Jan Knight and Funmi Olukeye  supported CBM Nigeria’s Country Office in conducting an […]

NEW! Consultants for Change (C4C) Online Programme

Consultants for Change (C4C) is an innovative professional development programme for civil society professionals. Running from 29 March-24 May 2018, […]

Capacity building with NCA Afghanistan and national partners

During 2017, INTRAC consultant Bill Sterland made four visits to Kabul, Afghanistan to assist Norwegian Church Aid’s (NCA) Afghanistan office […]

Terre des Hommes: an organisation-wide theory of change

Since April 2017, Elanor Jackson and Alison Napier have been working with Terre des Hommes (Tdh) to develop programmatic and […]

Sustaining and inspiring: depth in NGO actions to improve social accountability

By Rachel Hayman Should INGOs aim for depth or breadth in supporting social accountability? Back in 2012 INTRAC joined forces with […]

Evaluation of the Global Network for Disaster Risk Reduction’s Frontline programme

From October 2017 to March 2018 INTRAC conducted a learning evaluation for the Global Network for Disaster Risk Reduction (GNDR) […]

Working Paper 4. Designing a local governance performance index: a problem-solving approach in Tanzania

This working paper details the process of creating a Local Governance Performance Index (LGPI) in Mvomero and Kigoma-Ujiji Districts of Tanzania. […]

Briefing Paper 2. Can locally-developed indicators catalyse more responsive local government? Findings from the research

In 2014, the University of Mzumbe, in partnership with INTRAC and the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) set out to […]

Consultants for Change Programme: an update

Nicole Titera, Consultants for Change Programme Coordinator, takes stock and reflects on some of the challenges faced and opportunities moving forward.

Improving local governance and service delivery: Shouting at the system won’t make it work!

Missed the event? Rachel Hayman shares key messages and insights in our latest blog.

Event: Improving local governance and service delivery

CPAN, in partnership with Mzumbe University, INTRAC and the Foundation for Civil Society, is proud to announce the event ‘Improving […]

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