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Consulting with soul

What makes the difference between a harmful and a helpful consultant? New blog by INTRAC Principal Consultant Rick James.

Working paper 2. Exploring the context for creating a local governance performance index in Tanzania

This paper sets out the context of good governance, local governance, accountability and local service delivery in Tanzania.

Holding local government to account in Tanzania. Research update

One powerful political idea is the following: if you give people a voice then they will be able to hold […]

Consultants for Change programme

An innovative and participatory professional development programme for civil society professionals.

Mid-term review and final evaluation of Tsunami Disaster Risk Reduction Initiative

INTRAC carried out a Mid Term Review (in 2013) and Final Evaluation (2014-2015) of the Canadian Red Cross (CRC)’s Disaster […]

Building sustainability of the Step by Step Network

Funded by the Open Society Foundations’ Early Childhood Programme (ECP), INTRAC has been providing support to strengthening the organisational and […]

Beneficiary feedback mechanisms: whatever happened to participatory monitoring and evaluation?

By Anne Garbutt, INTRAC Fellow. Between 2014 and 2016 INTRAC managed the monitoring and review component of a pilot project […]

Working paper 1. Improving the delivery of public services. What role could a local governance index play?

What role could a local governance index play? First working paper 1 of the research project on local governance, public engagement and accountability.

Negotiating Knowledge: Evidence and experience in development NGOs

The eight studies that form the core of Negotiating Knowledge span scholarly and practitioner research across Africa, Asia and Latin America. An essential reading for international NGO staff, policy makers, as well as those researching, studying and making policy in international development.

Praxis Note 73. Click! Using YouTube as a training tool

“Click! Using YouTube as training tool” is a new Praxis Note by Rod MacLeod, which explores the exciting potential of YouTube as a tool for the innovative trainer. It covers both how to use a video in the context of an effective training and also suggests particular clips under topic headings.

Using beneficiary feedback to improve development programmes

Between 2013 and 2016, the UK Department for International Development supported seven non-governmental organisations to pilot Beneficiary Feedback Mechanisms (BFM) […]

Holding local government to account in Tanzania. Research overview

This report provides an overview of a three year (2014-17) research project exploring how citizens can meaningfully hold local government […]

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