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Newly Updated Resource Database – Now Includes The Entire Catalogue Of Publications!

INTRAC has been producing publications and resources since 1994. With a focus on civil society development, concerning all areas of […]

How aid really works: Development trends

“How aid really works” is a comic strip, which highlights the gap between our lofty ideals and the messy reality […]

Negotiating Knowledge: Evidence and experience in development NGOs

The eight studies that form the core of Negotiating Knowledge span scholarly and practitioner research across Africa, Asia and Latin America. An essential reading for international NGO staff, policy makers, as well as those researching, studying and making policy in international development.

Do NGOs need a Languages Policy? New Research on Languages in Development

By Vicky Mancuso Brehm. Most of us who have worked in international development can easily come up with colourful anecdotes […]

Praxis Note 62. It takes two to tango: reversed organisational assessments between Northern and Southern civil society organisations

Do Southern civil society organisations (CSOs) have a role to play in assessing the performance of their Northern partners? What can we learn from attempts to include Southern partners in assessing our organisations?

Briefing Paper 32. Where, how, and why are Action Research approaches used by international development non-governmental organisations?

  Action Research approaches are widely used by international development NGOs, with anecdotal evidence suggesting that they are becoming increasingly […]

Summative evaluation of MS / ActionAid DK Country Programme Strategy in Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador

INTRAC was commissioned by MS/Action Aid Denmark in early 2012 to conduct an evaluation of its 2008-12 Country Programme Strategy […]

M&E Paper 4. Tracking Progress in Advocacy: Why and How to Monitor and Evaluate Advocacy Projects and Programmes

This paper introduces the scope of, and rational for, engaging in advocacy work as part of development interventions. It then […]

Praxis Note 25. Learning Leadership Development from African Cultures: A Personal Perspective

This note argues that, to stand any chance of being effective, leadership development in Africa must be rooted in the influential cultural heritage. The note explores aspects of leadership and leadership development in precolonial Africa and draws lessons for leadership development in civil society organisations.

Praxis Note 1. Why is a Cross-Cultural Approach Necessary?

This Praxis Note outlines the crosscultural management imperative and the importance of the project Management and Change in Africa to developing management and organisational capacity in non-governmental development organisations in Africa and beyond.

OPS 34. A Study of Women’s Participation in NGOs in Kyrgyzstan

Some argue that the legacy of Communism in Kyrgyzstan has resulted in an emerging civil society that is fragmented and […]

OPS 7. People’s participation in Development Projects

The development community has entered an age concerned with participation. Emerging as a supposed alternative paradigm of development intervention in […]