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This Week’s Recommended Read

Following on from our newly updated resource catalogue, we will be suggesting a recommended read every week! These will be […]

Newly Updated Resource Database – Now Includes The Entire Catalogue Of Publications!

INTRAC has been producing publications and resources since 1994. With a focus on civil society development, concerning all areas of […]

Praxis Series Paper No.4. From an implementing partnership with local NGOs to partnering with local government

Download your free copy of our new Praxis Series Paper by Bethlehem Mengistu from WaterAid Ethiopia.

Evaluation of Kepa’s role strengthening civil society

Between December 2016 and February 2017 INTRAC Consultant Cowan Coventry, along with Finnish consultant Veera Pensala, conducted an evaluation of the Finnish […]

Civil society sustainability and local capacity development: A case study in Cameroon. WACSeries, 2016.

Promoting local CSOs sustainability through a local and home-grown peer-to-peer capacity development process.

INTRAC editorship of Development in Practice (2010 – 2020)

INTRAC has been responsible for the editorship of Development in Practice, one of the best-known journals in the development sector, since July 2010.

Strengthening Civil Society in Malawi

An external evaluation of the Malawi Programme of INTRAC was commissioned by Cordaid a long-time donor, and undertaken between November […]

Praxis Paper 18. Investigating the Mystery of Capacity Building

Capacity building is a mystery. Despite all the attention given to capacity building over the last decade, we are left […]

Praxis Paper 17. Organisational Learning in Civil Society

This paper highlights that organisational learning requires both individual and collective learning processes which purposely contribute towards changed organisational behaviour […]

‘Taking Stock’ – A Snapshot of INGO Engagement in Civil Society Capacity Building

The last decade saw a marked growth of interest and engagement in civil society capacity building, with diverse actors involved […]

Empowerment through Intermediation: Assessing the Role of Civil Society Support Organizations

The overarching goal of development is to promote policies, institutions and capacities that strengthen the voices and participation of the […]

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