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Newly Updated Resource Database – Now Includes The Entire Catalogue Of Publications!

INTRAC has been producing publications and resources since 1994. With a focus on civil society development, concerning all areas of […]

The crucial role of local actors in shaping Syria’s future

Guest blog by Abdulhamid Qabbani. Read, comment, share!

INTRAC Newsletter October 2017

In this issue, Floresca Karanàsou, INTRAC Principal Consultant Middle East North Africa, discusses highlights from the Arab Foundations Forum’s annual meeting. […]

Monitoring and Evaluation: A Guide for Small and Diaspora NGOs

Monitoring and Evaluation is seen as something inherently good. But we all worry deep down that we are not getting […]

Partnerships and Capacity Building: A Guide for Small and Diaspora NGOs

  Partnership and collaboration with other NGOs are no longer (if they ever were) a peripheral add-on to an organisation’s […]

Creating Space to Lead: A Guide for Small and Diaspora NGOs

Leadership may sound impressive, but it is immensely difficult. While many of us know what we should do as leaders, […]

Action Learning Sets: A Guide for Small and Diaspora NGOs

  Action learning sets are a simple and powerful way for individuals to learn from each other. Using the knowledge […]

Benchmarking Clubs: A Guide for Small and Diaspora NGOs

  Benchmarking clubs can be defined as a group of people coming together to learn about how to push their […]

Participatory Advocacy: A Guide for Small and Diaspora NGOs to VSO’s Participatory Advocacy Toolkit

Developing an advocacy strategy is a pressing, but often intimidating, priority for many small and diaspora organisations. As part of […]

Fundraising for Success: A Guide for Small and Diaspora NGOs

  In what is now a crowded and competitive charity marketplace, fundraising can feel like ‘catch 22’ for small and […]

How to do Strategic Planning: A Guide for Small and Diaspora NGOs

Strategic planning is hard to do well. It is elusive. It seems that many NGOs do not have strategic plans […]

Briefing Paper 27. ‘Courting the Diaspora’: Emerging roles of diaspora groups in the international development industry

This paper begins with a familiar story – the story of the dramatic rise of ‘diaspora’ in international development debates. […]

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