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Report on regional workshop on civil society sustainability in West Africa

Discussing the sustainability of civil society as a critical issue in the light of changing global dynamics.

Ending Well Evaluation of EveryChild’s Responsible Exit Process – Synthesis Report

EveryChild was a UK international development charity, which closed in September 2016. In 2011, EveryChild played a key role in […]

Opening up civic space requires creativity and careful navigation

Even where civil society space is constrained, local organisations can create positive relationships with state and external actors. A contribution to the openGlobalRights debate on closing space for civil society by Rachel Hayman, INTRAC Head of Research.

Special Issue: Civil society sustainability: facing up to new challenges in organisational legitimacy, credibility, and viability

This special issue of Development in Practice (Volume 26, Number 5, August 2016) focuses on the challenges faced by civil society to […]

Exit: the end of the road?

By INTRAC Principal Consultant Rick James. One community leader in Malawi likened EveryChild’s exit to: “the end of the tarmac […]

Praxis Paper 31. Developing a timeline for exit strategies

This paper collects and analyses learning from a year-long Action Learning Set on exit with the British Red Cross, EveryChild, Oxfam GB, Sightsavers and WWF-UK.

Supporting the sustainability of civil society: feedback from dialogues in West Africa and MENA

Summary of discussions from two regional dialogues on civil society sustainability and emerging cross- regional themes and issues.

Holding power to account, and keep moving!

By Michael Hammer, former INTRAC Executive director. The 2015 Paris Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, in […]

Thinking like a business? Social enterprise and civil society sustainability in the Middle East

By Rachel Hayman. Just a year after our workshop on civil society sustainability in Oxford, we convened similar discussions in […]

It’s not just how, it’s why. An insight on sustainability in West Africa

By Rowan Popplewell. I’ve just returned from Ghana, where INTRAC and the West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI) hosted a […]

What does being an evaluator have to do with the dawning era of sustainability?

By Vera Scholz. It’s unmistakably the year of sustainability. Last month, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have quietly – perhaps […]

Building a strong and sustainable civil society across Middle East North Africa: a collaborative approach

By Rachel Hayman. When we ask people working for or with civil society organisations (CSOs) in the Middle East and […]

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