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Newly Updated Resource Database – Now Includes The Entire Catalogue Of Publications!

INTRAC has been producing publications and resources since 1994. With a focus on civil society development, concerning all areas of […]

Project Sustainability online training for Cities Alliance

In September 2018, INTRAC worked with the Cities Alliance to design and deliver some Project Sustainability online training and coaching.  […]

INTRAC Newsletter February 2018

Our first Newsletter of 2018. Including all the latest INTRAC news, views and blogs.

Soul-searching and funding for local CSOs: reflections from Tanzania

Click to read our blog by Tamim Amijee, Edna Chilimo and Elias Xavier.

Sustaining Civic Action: join a collective global rethink

Read the event summary and recommendations for action!

INTRAC Newsletter October 2017

In this issue, Floresca Karanàsou, INTRAC Principal Consultant Middle East North Africa, discusses highlights from the Arab Foundations Forum’s annual meeting. […]

Sustaining and inspiring: depth in NGO actions to improve social accountability

By Rachel Hayman Should INGOs aim for depth or breadth in supporting social accountability? Back in 2012 INTRAC joined forces with […]

Report on regional workshop on civil society sustainability in West Africa

Discussing the sustainability of civil society as a critical issue in the light of changing global dynamics.

Ending Well Evaluation of EveryChild’s Responsible Exit Process – Synthesis Report

EveryChild was a UK international development charity, which closed in September 2016. In 2011, EveryChild played a key role in […]

Opening up civic space requires creativity and careful navigation

Even where civil society space is constrained, local organisations can create positive relationships with state and external actors. A contribution to the openGlobalRights debate on closing space for civil society by Rachel Hayman, INTRAC Head of Research.

Special Issue: Civil society sustainability: facing up to new challenges in organisational legitimacy, credibility, and viability

This special issue of Development in Practice (Volume 26, Number 5, August 2016) focuses on the challenges faced by civil society to […]

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