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Working paper 2. Exploring the context for creating a local governance performance index in Tanzania

This paper sets out the context of good governance, local governance, accountability and local service delivery in Tanzania.

Holding local government to account in Tanzania. Research update

One powerful political idea is the following: if you give people a voice then they will be able to hold […]

Working paper 1. Improving the delivery of public services. What role could a local governance index play?

What role could a local governance index play? First working paper 1 of the research project on local governance, public engagement and accountability.

Advocacy training for PAX for Peace in South Sudan

PAX secured funding from the European Commission to support South Sudanese CSOs in influencing the process for creating a new […]

Strengthening civil society capacity in rural areas of Kyrgyzstan

This GIZ funded project had the overall objective to build the sustainability and capacity of civil society in Kyrgyzstan, in […]

Holding local government to account in Tanzania. Research overview

This report provides an overview of a three year (2014-17) research project exploring how citizens can meaningfully hold local government […]

Burundi unrest – Can civil society challenge the abuse of power while remaining above the fight?

Posted by Rowan Popplewell. I have recently returned from Burundi, where I saw first-hand how civil society has been finding […]

Holding local government to account in Tanzania: researching performance from the bottom up

The research seeks to understand whether the creation of a local governance performance index could stimulate greater public engagement in holding local leaders and institutions to account.

ONTRAC 54. The rise of INGO families: perspectives, issues, and experiences

This issue of ONTRAC looks at the expansion of NGOs coming together to create large international organisations or ‘families’ – […]

Effective Governance: A Guide for Small and Diaspora NGOs

Boards of charitable organisations can be a source of great joy and some heartache. When they work well they can […]

ONTRAC 34. Capacity Building and the State

The shifting discourse on capacity building has all too often been led by the needs of donors rather than being […]

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