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Newly Updated Resource Database – Now Includes The Entire Catalogue Of Publications!

INTRAC has been producing publications and resources since 1994. With a focus on civil society development, concerning all areas of […]

ONTRAC 60. Finding space to manoeuvre: local and national CSOs in complex and politically charged contexts

This issue of ONTRAC convenes views from four local/national civil society organisations on how they operate in complex and politically charged contexts, and how they would want external actors to support them.

Burundi unrest – Can civil society challenge the abuse of power while remaining above the fight?

Posted by Rowan Popplewell. I have recently returned from Burundi, where I saw first-hand how civil society has been finding […]

ONTRAC 59. The role of INGOs in complex and politically charged contexts

  This issue of ONTRAC looks at the different roles and initiatives INGOs have in ‘politically charged’ contexts, focusing on […]

Mixed methods evaluation of Syrian Active Citizens Programme, British Council – Syria

The evaluation (April 2015 – March 2016) aimed to assess the impact of the British Council’s flagship citizenship initiative – […]

Why space and context matter: The importance of being place-sensitive

By Suzanne Hammad. Civil society organisations can be well resourced and legitimate with established structures and strong leadership, yet still […]

ONTRAC 57. Beyond spring: Civil society’s role in the Middle East and North Africa

In 2011, the world watched amazed as people across the Arab world stood up to demand change. Beginning with a […]

ONTRAC 54. The rise of INGO families: perspectives, issues, and experiences

  This issue of ONTRAC looks at the expansion of NGOs coming together to create large international organisations or ‘families’ […]

ONTRAC 48. Conflict and post-conflict – what role for civil society?

Against the backdrop of popular protests across the Middle East and North Africa region during the Spring of 2011, this […]

ONTRAC 47. Empowered to Influence – Capacity Building for Advocacy

This issue of ONTRAC looks at capacity building for advocacy. Following Chris Stalker’s overview of the huge shift towards placing […]

Fragile States: Dilemmas of Stability in Lebanon and the Arab World

Conflict, crisis and instability form part of a chain of the dilemmas confronting development in much of the Arab world. […]

Civil Society and the War on Terror

Aggravated poverty and insecurity, the loss of livelihoods, the breakdown of trust and hope – these are some of the […]