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Practicing what we preach

Developing INTRAC’s monitoring, evaluation and learning systems.

Civil society sustainability and local capacity development: A case study in Cameroon. WACSeries, 2016.

Promoting local CSOs sustainability through a local and home-grown peer-to-peer capacity development process.

Special Series Paper 1. Exit strategies and sustainability. Lessons for practitioners

Recognising the demand in the sector, this document compiles blog posts on exit strategies and sustainability of civil society organisations and their work.

Responsible exit and sustainability webinar

Missed INTRAC’s webinar ‘Whose responsibility is it to push for well-planned exit?’? Listen to the recording on our resource centre.

Results-based monitoring and evaluation training for CBM West Africa

INTRAC is working with CBM West Africa to strengthen its organisational and technical capacity in Results-based Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E). […]

Applying Qualitative Comparative Analysis to understand reasons for research uptake

In the absence of definitive guidance on how to use and integrate Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) into existing Monitoring and Evaluation systems and practice, this paper is primarily intended as a practical contribution to the growing knowledge base on how QCA might (or might not) strengthen learning and accountability agendas.

Go through the door marked ‘Exit’ to reach sustainable development

By Rick James. We’ll never reach sustainable development until we take exit more seriously. So many NGOs pay lip-service to […]

How to Kill a Civil Society Organisation

Posted by Rod Macleod. There are many aspects to building strong and sustainable civil society organisations. Mission and values, leadership, resources […]

Which way to sustainable exit?

By Rick James, INTRAC Principal consultant. Sustainable exit – it’s the holy grail of development. It’s something we all aspire […]

Thinking about consortia? Answer five simple questions first

By Rick James. Consortia, networks and coalitions are all the rage nowadays. The good news is that we are finally […]

Praxis Paper 3. Organisational Learning in NGOs

NGOs work in an increasingly demanding environment characterised by growing competition for shrinking aid budgets. They are under pressure to […]

Praxis Note 68. Knowledge sharing in action: The case of Concern Worldwide’s Knowledge Matters

This Praxis Note describes how Concern Worldwide has been able to provide the means, motivation, and opportunity for staff to document and share their experience-based knowledge for organisational learning purposes, though the vehicle of an internal publication called Knowledge Matters.

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