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What I have learned about learning during COVID-19

In a selection from our May 2021 newsletter, Anne Garbutt shares her experiences of online learning during COVID-19.

Shifting to a remote evaluation of the Change the Game Academy

Advocacy specialist Helen Collinson discusses the challenges in conducting a remote evaluation under COVID-19 restrictions.

Short paper: Cultivating capacity amidst COVID-19

Drawing on discussions with practitioners from around the world, Rick James explores challenges and opportunities in cultivating capacity during the pandemic.

How COVID-19 is testing the resilience of CSOs

Rod MacLeod looks at how the work to increase the resilience of CSOs is being tested like never before.

INTRAC Newsletter August 2020

Read the latest INTRAC newsletter, which explores our recent work and the future of local and international NGOs

The perfect negative storm for CSOs in Mexico – and how they are responding

Mariana Díaz-Ávila and Alfredo D. Cuarón detail the challenges facing civil society in Mexico

Praxis Series Paper No. 11: Revitalising a Social Movement Through a Global Theory of Change

Rick James explores a global, radically participative Theory of Change process undertaken by the Mothers’ Union (MU)

Living our values in the distress of exit

As recent developments make INGOs likely to plan exit processes, Rick James suggests six things organisations should strive to do.

A jolting wake-up call

Nick Wright writes on the question of leadership and change during the COVID-19 pandemic.

INTRAC Newsletter May 2020

Download the latest INTRAC newsletter to read about how we’re adapting to COVID-19, and we aim to support civil society at this challenging time.

COVID-19 and training – INTRAC’s adjusted offer

An overview of INTRAC’s adjusted training offer as we adapt to the pandemic, including more online options for open and in-house courses.

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