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Abuse of power? How M&E systems really operate

For our shifting the power through MEL series, Rod MacLeod looks at the power dynamics of M&E systems.

Monitoring and Evaluation Systems Advanced Online Course: June – July 2021

  Are you interested in strengthening the monitoring and evaluation (M & E) processes and practices within your organisation so […]

Introducing the M&E Universe

INTRAC launches the M&E universe, a free, online resource for development practitioners involved in monitoring and evaluation.

The Development Alternative

Read about The Development Alternative – a consortium supporting youth-centered and youth-led CSOs in the global south.

Terre des Hommes: an organisation-wide theory of change

Since April 2017, Elanor Jackson and Alison Napier have been working with Terre des Hommes (Tdh) to develop programmatic and […]

Tailored coaching and mentoring on impact assessment for Freedom from Torture UK

From September to November 2017, INTRAC supported Freedom from Torture in the UK with their M&E and impact assessment process, […]

Monitoring and evaluation system for the Climate and Development Knowledge Network

INTRAC has led on the design and delivery of Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact Assessment (MEIA) for the Climate and Development […]

Monitoring and Evaluation Planning Series

A special series of short papers dealing with the central area of planning for monitoring and evaluation. This is in recognition that planning and M&E are closely linked, and that effective planning is often a pre-condition for effective M&E.

Evaluation of Danish strategy for support to civil society

INTRAC has been working since 2013 with Danida on an evaluation of the Danish Strategy for Support to Civil Society. […]

M&E Paper 2: Dealing with the Dilemmas in Monitoring and Evaluating Capacity Building

This paper highlights seven big questions that create dilemmas for and can often paralyse monitoring and evaluating of capacity building.

Praxis Paper 21. Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation in Practice: Lessons learnt from Central Asia

This paper records an attempt to develop a fully participative M&E system, drawing on the experience of a team of INTRAC staff working on a civil society strengthening programme in close collaboration with their partners in the five countries of Central Asia

ONTRAC 22. Measurement, management and accountability

Much attention has been given recently in development circles to combining quantitative and qualitative methods. This attention has focused on […]