Civil society in Central Asia has played a major part in change within the region, yet it continues to face challenges in capacity, legitimacy and relationships with political and economic actors.

INTRAC has been working with a range of organisations and social movements across Central Asia and Russia for over 20 years. From our office in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, we engage across the region, combining our international expertise with the skills and deep contextual knowledge of a network of local associates. We have worked with large and small NGOs, civil society associations and networks, trade unions, women’s groups and local government.

We offer flexible and responsive training, consultancy, knowledge-sharing and research aimed at developing and deepening values, approaches and systems appropriate to civil society in the region.

We focus on:

  • Strengthening the analytical skills of CSOs through a unique blend of methods including training, action research, mentoring and relationship-building with local government.
  • Conducting multi-country studies of regulatory and policy frameworks affecting civil society in the region.
  • Advice and design of capacity development programmes for civil society.
  • Online and face-to-face training and mentoring for civil society in our core areas of monitoring, evaluation, and impact assessment, organisational and capacity development, and programme design.
  • Conducting evaluations and impact assessments.
  • Promoting multi-stakeholder engagements and partnerships.
  • Supporting organisations to find new ways to enhance their sustainability.
  • Development of programmes of training and mentoring of consultants and trainers to improve high-quality capacity development support in the region.
  • Sharing knowledge between different actors within countries and across the region.
  • Promoting publication and dissemination of learning by practitioners from the region.

We have produced a large number of written resources from our work in Central Asia, available in English and Russian. Visit our Resources page for more details.

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