Our mission

We exist to influence positive social change by strengthening civil society organisations, helping them develop, engage with others, and do what they do better.

Our vision

Our vision is that people are able to come together and to organise in forms that are effective, sustainable, and legitimate in their own societies.

Our values

We focus on change and transformation, and work to support positive change for civil society and to strengthen its role in development.  We do this as a mission-driven not-for-profit civil society organisation.

Therefore, we help people to get to the heart of the matter, and to take ownership and responsibility for addressing their own challenges; by facilitating, not imposing solutions from outside. 

We put people at the centre of our work, and accompany our clients, partners, and those they serve as a trusted, critical friend.  

Therefore, our human-centred approach recognises the needs and contributions of different people within organisations and societies. We listen to and share the perspectives of people at the margins wherever possible, and we have the courage to challenge power dynamics. 

We emphasise collaboration, and believe that sustainable solutions require changes in wider systems and structures.  No single stakeholder can do this alone.  

Therefore, we use participatory methods in which people develop sound solutions together, and feed back into the sector by making learning and resources openly available. 

We provide support that is useful, appropriate to the context and easily understood.

Therefore, we combine high-quality research analysis and evidence with insights from practitioner experience, and strive to provide clients with practical suggestions which are grounded in their reality.   

We pride ourselves on our integrity. We aim to live out our values, and we are committed to our vision, our mission, to the people we work with, and to our staff and network.

Therefore, we evaluate all potential work opportunities in light of our commitment to our mission and values, and deliver quality work in an empowering and cost-effective way. 

We are actively working to improve our understanding of and support for diversity, equity, and inclusion both within INTRAC and the organisations and people we work with.  

Therefore, we are committed to our own journey of change and to engaging with feedback we receive. We also provide platforms for diverse voices to be heard which actively influence INTRAC, and the wider sector.  

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