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Listening, power and inclusion: languages in development NGOs. Workshop report

The workshop provided an opportunity for UK-based NGOs and agencies to hear examples of issues organisations have faced around languages and power relations.

Practitioner-academic collaboration in research to tackle global development challenges

Collaboration between academics and NGOs on research projects can provide opportunities to advance policy and tackle global development challenges.

Mid-term review and final evaluation of Tsunami Disaster Risk Reduction Initiative

INTRAC carried out a Mid Term Review (in 2013) and Final Evaluation (2014-2015) of the Canadian Red Cross (CRC)’s Disaster […]

Needs assessment for the Humanitarian Leadership Academy in the Middle East

In May 2016, the Humanitarian Leadership Academy commissioned INTRAC to help inform its operational, partnership and learning requirements across the […]

Building a strong and sustainable civil society across Middle East North Africa: a collaborative approach

By Rachel Hayman. When we ask people working for or with civil society organisations (CSOs) in the Middle East and […]

Strengthening civil society capacity in rural areas of Kyrgyzstan

This GIZ funded project had the overall objective to build the sustainability and capacity of civil society in Kyrgyzstan, in […]

The Listening Zones of NGOs: languages and cultural knowledge in development programmes

INTRAC and the Universities of Reading and Portsmouth are collaborating on a three-year research project (2015 – 2018) titled The Listening Zones of NGOs: Languages and […]

Capacity building training with Stars Foundation

Stars Foundation invests in organisations and ideas that transform the lives of disadvantaged children and their communities globally. In 2015, […]

Praxis Note 70. Working at the Sharp End of Programme Closure: EveryChild’s Responsible Exit Principles

In this Praxis Note , Lucy Morris, Head of Programmes at EveryChild, describes how EveryChild went about answering this question from a practical perspective. EveryChild developed three simple “responsible exit principles” to guide this process, in order to consider not just when to close the partnerships, but also how to close them.

Go through the door marked ‘Exit’ to reach sustainable development

By Rick James. We’ll never reach sustainable development until we take exit more seriously. So many NGOs pay lip-service to […]

Which way to sustainable exit?

By Rick James, INTRAC Principal consultant. Sustainable exit – it’s the holy grail of development. It’s something we all aspire […]

Praxis Paper 3. Organisational Learning in NGOs

NGOs work in an increasingly demanding environment characterised by growing competition for shrinking aid budgets. They are under pressure to […]

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