Following on from our newly updated resource catalogue, we will be suggesting a recommended read every week! These will be some of the recently uploaded resources which are particularly relevant to INTRAC’s key thematic areas; Civil society Policy and Development, Civil Society Sustainability, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning, Organisational and Capacity Development, and Programme Strategy and Design.

Last week we looked at ‘OPS 43: Leaders Changing Inside-Out. What Causes Leaders to Change Behaviour’, in relation to the theme of Organisational and Capacity Development. This paper was a prime example of how learning from the past and building on previous research can lead to significant innovations applicable in our contemporary society.

Leading on from this, we have chosen ‘OPS 35: Promoting Effective North-South NGO Partnerships‘ as our recommended read for this week. Written by Vicky Brehm in 2001, this work focuses on our key theme of civil society sustainability. This paper addresses the NGO partnership process, tackling the common critiques of  Northern NGOs and the possible downfalls of partnership. Arguing instead, that there are significant benefits to North-South NGO partnerships in relation to actual practice. Previous research into NGO partnerships has often focused on definitions and ideal types, this piece of literature offers a refreshing perspective on a recurrent debate, which is still very topical.

Over the coming weeks we will continue to showcase some of these resources on our social media, so stay tuned for next weeks recommended read! In the mean time, head to to browse our complete resource catalogue.