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Praxis Series Paper No 3. Strategies for civil society sustainability. Social enterprise development in Kyrgyzstan

This paper provides an example of attempting social enterprise in a country beset by economic and political problems.

Consulting with soul

What makes the difference between a harmful and a helpful consultant? New blog by INTRAC Principal Consultant Rick James.

Civil society sustainability and local capacity development: A case study in Cameroon. WACSeries, 2016.

Promoting local CSOs sustainability through a local and home-grown peer-to-peer capacity development process.

Consultants for Change programme

An innovative and participatory professional development programme for civil society professionals.

Building sustainability of the Step by Step Network

Funded by the Open Society Foundations’ Early Childhood Programme (ECP), INTRAC has been providing support to strengthening the organisational and […]

Strengthening civil society capacity in rural areas of Kyrgyzstan

This GIZ funded project had the overall objective to build the sustainability and capacity of civil society in Kyrgyzstan, in […]

ONTRAC 60. Finding space to manoeuvre: local and national CSOs in complex and politically charged contexts

This issue of ONTRAC convenes views from four local/national civil society organisations on how they operate in complex and politically charged contexts, and how they would want external actors to support them.

Go through the door marked ‘Exit’ to reach sustainable development

By Rick James. We’ll never reach sustainable development until we take exit more seriously. So many NGOs pay lip-service to […]

Briefing paper 42. Civil society under fire. Three big questions for peacebuilders working with local civil society

Around the world, substantial resources are dedicated to strengthening local and national civil society groups as a means of developing peaceful societies and preventing a return to violent conflict. Yet the emphasis on civil society within peacebuilding policy and practice has come under fire in recent years.

Which way to sustainable exit?

By Rick James, INTRAC Principal consultant. Sustainable exit – it’s the holy grail of development. It’s something we all aspire […]

Why space and context matter: The importance of being place-sensitive

By Suzanne Hammad. Civil society organisations can be well resourced and legitimate with established structures and strong leadership, yet still […]

M&E Training with Forum Syd

Forum Syd is a Sweden-based human rights organisation with offices in seven countries. Its core funder is Sida, the Swedish […]

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