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Praxis Series Paper No. 13: Is there lasting change, five years after EveryChild’s exit?

Concluding INTRAC’s work on the EveryChild’s responsible exit process, this paper looks at lessons in designing programmes for lasting impact.

What working with EveryChild taught me about responsible exit

Lucy Morris shares her experiences of exit, working for EveryChild

Ending well

For our series of blogs on exit, Rick James writes about how endings can be a source of hope.

In Ethiopia, exit presents real challenges for Civil Society Organisations

In another entry in our series on exit, Sosena Lemma explains how it relates to her work in Ethiopia.

If you can’t exit well, at least exit ‘less badly’

RIzal Malik proposes three ways organisations can exit from their partnerships less badly.

If INGOs consider sustainability in their planning, exit can be a good thing for local civil society

Emmanuel Kumi argues that the exit of foreign funders need not be a disaster for local CSOs.

Living our values in the distress of exit

As recent developments make INGOs likely to plan exit processes, Rick James suggests six things organisations should strive to do.

The Stopping as Success project and responsible transition

An introduction to the Stopping as Success project and the resources it produced.

Stopping as Success (SAS) learning webinars

In March 2020, INTRAC is hosting a two-part virtual workshop with the Stopping as Success (SAS) project.

INTRAC Newsletter May 2019

Our May 2019 newsletter has news on our latest work, training courses, publications and people.

INTRAC in Central Asia 1994-2018: a story of the past, the present and the future

This paper provides an overview of INTRAC’s presence in Central Asia and the impact that we have had. For 25 […]

Newly Updated Resource Database – Now Includes The Entire Catalogue Of Publications!

INTRAC has been producing publications and resources since 1994. With a focus on civil society development, concerning all areas of […]

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