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Praxis Series 4. From an implementing partnership with local NGOs to partnering with local government

Download your free copy of our new Praxis Series Paper by Bethlehem Mengistu from WaterAid Ethiopia.

What’s it like to be on the receiving end of exit? A partner and country office view

This learning paper brings together valuable stories from individuals that have been through exit and transitions.

Special Series Paper 1. Exit strategies and sustainability. Lessons for practitioners

Recognising the demand in the sector, this document compiles blog posts on exit strategies and sustainability of civil society organisations and their work.

What can international NGOs do to increase the sustainability of interventions?

We like to think our work prevails long after we are gone. But how many organisations go back to check?

Praxis Series Paper No.1. What remains. Programming for sustainability

What makes a partner or programme likely to be more or less sustainable? This paper seeks to answer this question by drawing on learning generated from INTRAC’s evaluation of EveryChild’s Responsible Exit Process.

Responsible exit and sustainability webinar

Missed INTRAC’s webinar ‘Whose responsibility is it to push for well-planned exit?’? Listen to the recording on our resource centre.

Ending Well Evaluation of EveryChild’s Responsible Exit Process – Synthesis Report

EveryChild was a UK international development charity, which closed in September 2016. In 2011, EveryChild played a key role in […]

Exit: the end of the road?

By INTRAC Principal Consultant Rick James. One community leader in Malawi likened EveryChild’s exit to: “the end of the tarmac […]

ONTRAC 61. Post-closure evaluation: an indulgence or a valuable exercise?

ONTRAC 61 brings together three different perspectives regarding post- closure evaluation: that of an organisation commissioning a post-closure evaluation; that of a consultant who carried out a post-closure evaluation using his own resources; and that of a research team that was commissioned to do a large study.

Praxis Paper 31. Developing a timeline for exit strategies

This paper collects and analyses learning from a year-long Action Learning Set on exit with the British Red Cross, EveryChild, Oxfam GB, Sightsavers and WWF-UK.

Praxis Note 70. Working at the Sharp End of Programme Closure: EveryChild’s Responsible Exit Principles

In this Praxis Note , Lucy Morris, Head of Programmes at EveryChild, describes how EveryChild went about answering this question from a practical perspective. EveryChild developed three simple “responsible exit principles” to guide this process, in order to consider not just when to close the partnerships, but also how to close them.

Go through the door marked ‘Exit’ to reach sustainable development

By Rick James. We’ll never reach sustainable development until we take exit more seriously. So many NGOs pay lip-service to […]

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