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Opening up civic space requires creativity and careful navigation

Even where civil society space is constrained, local organisations can create positive relationships with state and external actors. A contribution to the openGlobalRights debate on closing space for civil society by Rachel Hayman, INTRAC Head of Research.

Needs assessment for the Humanitarian Leadership Academy in the Middle East

In May 2016, the Humanitarian Leadership Academy commissioned INTRAC to help inform its operational, partnership and learning requirements across the […]

Do NGOs need a Languages Policy? New Research on Languages in Development

By Vicky Mancuso Brehm. Most of us who have worked in international development can easily come up with colourful anecdotes […]

Study on support to civil society through multi donor funds

Many donors, over the last decade, have explored mechanisms for funding southern civil society more directly in country in addition […]

Research on legal frameworks and political space for NGOs

Operating contexts are becoming increasingly difficult and challenging for civil society groups in many countries around the world. Yet even […]

Supporting learning: a study on incentives and disincentives for learning in international transparency and accountability grant-making practice

In 2015 INTRAC carried out a study for the Transparency and Accountability Initiative (T/AI) on how grant-making can encourage and […]

Legal Frameworks and Political Space for Non-Governmental Organisations: An Overview of Six Countries – Phase II

There has been increasing concern to understand the realities that affect how international and local NGOs operate in many countries. […]

Praxis Note 67. Survival is not enough: Building capacity of a thriving civil society in West Africa

This paper summarises lessons about capacity building in the region learnt by WACSI, including questions both funders and CSOs should ask themselves and each other before embarking on any capacity building programme.

Finding civil society space in the midst of threats to independence and freedoms to operate

By Rowan Popplewell. Recent years have seen the publication of an increasing number of media and research reports describing how […]

Praxis Note 65. Turning voice into action

Including beneficiary voices in the design of development programmes is crucial to ensuring their success. While most development practitioners recognise this, we often struggle to do it in a meaningful way.

Praxis Paper 28. Getting to Grips with Evidence: How NGOs can tackle changing needs in the use of evidence and research

Pressure from funders, beneficiaries, stakeholders and public authorities for the use of more advanced research skills and robust evidence has grown over recent years. As a result, many practitioners are grappling with issues surr

Legal Frameworks and Political Space for Non-Governmental Organisations: An Overview of Six Countries

This co-authored paper examines the legal frameworks and political space for NGOs to operate in selected countries in order to suggest appropriate approaches for supporting civil society in difficult political contexts.

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