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INTRAC’s Monitoring and Evaluation manifesto

INTRAC’s M&E manifesto sets out eight commitments that will guide our M&E work.

It’s not just how, it’s why. An insight on sustainability in West Africa

By Rowan Popplewell. I’ve just returned from Ghana, where INTRAC and the West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI) hosted a […]

Building a strong and sustainable civil society across Middle East North Africa: a collaborative approach

By Rachel Hayman. When we ask people working for or with civil society organisations (CSOs) in the Middle East and […]

Social Justice, leadership and civil society: the Nigerian example

Guest blog by Felix Obanubi from SAVI Nigeria. The fundamental crisis of social justice is rooted in leadership, management and […]

Supporting learning: a study on incentives and disincentives for learning in international transparency and accountability grant-making practice

In 2015 INTRAC carried out a study for the Transparency and Accountability Initiative (T/AI) on how grant-making can encourage and […]

ONTRAC 53. Transparent, accountable, legitimate, credible: NGO responses to scrutiny

This issue of ONTRAC revisits the question of accountability within development. After an overview by Rachel Hayman, INTRAC’s Head of […]

ONTRAC 51. Theory of Change – what’s it all about?

This issue of ONTRAC looks at ‘Theory of Change’: another ‘new’ idea that has become increasingly popular in the development […]

Civil Society in Action: global case studies in a practice-based framework

This book uses case studies from around the world which show a clear framework for understanding the nature and role of […]

Praxis Note 53. Using Action Learning Sets methodology in an NGO capacity building programme

This note describes how the use of Action Learning Sets (ALS) methodology in Central Asia has enabled NGO leaders and staff to become effective in addressing organisational and operational challenges. This approach has contributed to the overall strengthening of their organisations.

ONTRAC 41. This is civil society

At our conference in December 2008, ‘Whatever Happened to Civil Society?’, more than 140 people from 40 countries got together […]

Capacity Building Framework: A values-based programming guide

The design and implementation of successful capacity building programmes involves a range of complex processes and considerations. This practical guide […]

ONTRAC 39. Control and effectiveness in aid partnerships

In this issue of Ontrac we approach the problem of the ‘bureaucratic beast’ in relationships between development partners from different […]

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